WE DID IT!!!!!

Well we finally found our RV and our truck to pull it…Things just happened so fast…We bought our camper last week…We go to pick it up next week…We got a 5th wheel..It’s so nice, I love it….We drove to Delaware yesterday to pick up our truck…We found a great deal we couldn’t pass up…We got an F350..Its very very big…LOL…Hubby loves it..It has everything….I think it was just waiting for us..Sooo we are ready to plan our first trip…We are looking toward heading to Florida next month for a mini vacation….

Pics to follow very very soon….

OMG this is really happening….



I realize we have 7 months till we hit the open roads officially that is..So for the past few days I have been downsizing my closet…I finally finished that and I have 8 bags to donate…Wow…I didn’t realize I had that much stuff I wasn’t wearing..Now this consisted of shoes, pocketbooks, and clothes…My closet looks much better and I am preparing myself for when we leave…I think closer to the time I will have to downsize again…For now this will do…..It wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be, saying good-bye to shoes I haven’t worn in months…LOL..I feel more free…..Hard to describe the feeling in words…But you get the idea…

Why put off tomorrow what you can do today……Anyway now I’m off to tackle the hall closet….Do you ever wonder why when you already have many, many bottles of lotion, you sill insist on being another????Still trying to figure that one out…Let me know if you do, I’m dying to know..

The weather here in PA is still brutal…I think it’s 89 today..Yesterday is was unbearable….The kind of weather you either find a place in the ac, or a pool to sit it…

Have a great Sunday…

The search continues on…..

Well we thought we had the right camper picked yet…Well so we thought..After visiting the RV dealership and after we got home we decided to do some more research and looking on-line…Well lo and behold we found some other motor homes we also liked…The one we had picked out was a camper we pulled with a vehicle….The 2 vehicles we have, one being a Mustang and the second being a Hummer, neither one could handle that….

We have done some looking around and hubby and I both decided we liked the ones you drive, an actual motor-home…I guess when you think about it, this is the place you will be in pretty near 24/7..So we decided to look around and not make any hasty decisions until we were completely sure we found the right one..

So that is where we are at…Still looking for the right fit for us..In the meantime I am trying to read all the info I can…Thinking about where we would like to visit, and most important trying to down-size my closet and such….It will be bittersweet parting with my shoes and purses…As my hubby says if you haven’t worn those shoes in the last month, why hang on to them…I hate to have to admit that he is right….LOL..

So off to lunch with some gal pals and revealing our future plans to them…I am sure some will be skeptical while others may say can I come along…

The pic below is my Barney….He will be traveling with us when we hit the open roads…Now that you’ve seen him you know why I couldn’t leave him behind…LOL..

Have a fun filled day….




The search begins…..

Today is my first posting and also the start of a new beginning for my husband and I..

We finally decided on a total upcoming lifestyle change…

We are going to join the folks traveling on the road..We have always wanted to travel the open road..Have no particular destination, no time frame, nothing or no one to stop us..

Today we visited an RV dealership..It was wonderful walking in and out of the many styles and sizes they had…And they had many…Not to mention it was so hot and humid..The sweat just trickling down our backs..But we had one thing on our minds, finding that perfect fit for us…This will have to be something comfortable and somewhat roomy for all 3 of us..Two adults and of course my Barney….There was no option of leaving him behind…I will post some pictures within the next few days…You will then see what a mean…LOL..

Anyway we did indeed find something we both liked…Hard to believe..I know we thought the same…

Now our next issue is we found out we need a different set of wheels…We need to purchase a new vehicle, something sturdy to handle our heavy load…So off we go tomorrow for truck shopping….

My husband and I have no freakin idea what we are getting ourselves into…All I can say is we are lovin it and can hardly wait to embark on our journey…

More details and pics to follow as I figure out this blogging….I am excited to document our journey and the process we go through…You may find it amusing..I am sure we will have a fun time in the process.

I have to laugh at myself..While we were there at the RV store I had to use the restroom..Well I forgot I had my cell phone in my back pocket, something I very rarely do…Well silly me if it didn’t drop in the toliet before I sat down..Go figure…

I wonder is this a good or bad omen???

I’m crossing my fingers that my cell phone drys out and is functional really really soon…

This concludes my first post..I have so many things swirling through my head it is spinning…Tomorrow I will gather my thoughts better..

Until then,

Happy Trails…..